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Top-Quality Precision Lathes

All Maximart’s precision lathes meet the strictest international production standards, and are well-known throughout the industry for their exceptional accuracy and reliability. By always pursuing excellence our products are always exceptionally well made and meet the high expectations of our international customers. With our extensive service network we are also able to rapidly dispatch any spare parts in the event of any problems.

Our precision lathes in particular use a wide range of high-quality components, some of which are imported from large European manufacturers. Furthermore our expert engineers always work closely with customers to give them the exact specification machines that they are looking for. Our staff are very approachable and also speak English so are able to help you with any query wherever you are located.

Precision Lathe

Rigorous Quality Inspection

Every MAXIMART lathe is attentively designed and built to meet the highest quality standard, and rigorously inspected during manufacturing and prior to shipping. Through these quality assurance, MAXIMART lathes will exhibit outstanding accuracy, performance as well as maximum dependability for much longer years.

MAXIMART Pursues Quality Excellence

MAXIMART lathes have been fully satisfactory to all customers around the world. Such reputation results form our dedication to pursue the quality excellence.

Each machine is subject to comprehensive accuracy inspection prior to shipping.

Prompt Parts Delivery

When a machine leaves our factory, it is not the end of our business transaction. MAXIMART concerns about your machine operating condition all the times. We always keep sufficient parts in stock for prompt delivery when customer needs the replacement parts. This will reduce machine downtime to a minimum.


Extra Large Spindle Bore

The specially designed extra large spindle bore is suitable for cutting larger workpiece.

Rigid Headstock

  • The headstock is ruggedly constructed for ultra-high stability when performing heavy cutting.
  • The all-gear headstock provides a wide range of spindle speeds to suit various cutting requirements.
  • All gears in the headstock quality are manufactured from high quality alloy steel (SCM-21), carburized and precisely-ground to assure maximum smoothness and quietness during running.

Oil-Bath Device in Headstock

  • The headstock employs a combination of forced lubrication and oil-bath device to achieve better lubrication effect.

Conveniently Operated Gear Box

  • Operations such as speed change, feed rate selection and inch/metric threading can be performed conveniently without need to change gear.
  • Feed rate selection and threading are easily accomplished by simply shifting three levers and one rotary dial.
  • The gear box is oil-bath lubricated to ensure smooth running at all times.

Well Engineered Electrical Cabinet

  • The electrical cabinet is attentively designed and deployed, allowing for easy access for trouble shooting and maintenance of electrical / electronic components.
  • All electrical / electronic components are tested for dependable control performance.
  • Low voltage control system avoids danger to the operator in case of electric shock.

Ruggedly Constructed Tailstock

  • The rugged and compact tailstock is easy to move along the bed ways and clamped in position.
  • The tailstock quill is hardened, precisely-ground and graduated in inch and metric scales.
  • Accurate tailstock contribute to precision turning and drilling.

Compound Tool Post

  • The compound tool post is mounted on top of the cross slide.
  • The slideways of carriage and saddle are hardened and precisely-ground for outstanding wear resistance.
  • A hand lubricator is equipped for lubricating longitudinal and cross slideways.


  • The apron has an interlock device to eliminate the problem of simultaneous power feeding and thread cutting.
  • The apron forms an oil reservoir for oil-bath lubrication for all gears in the apron.

Optional Equipments

Steady Rest (opt.)

  • The steady rest is used for supporting a workpiece, that effectively prevents the workpiece from springing or bending.
  • The jaws of steady rest can be adjusted, allowing the workpiece to be supported at a correct position.

Follow Rest (opt.)

  • The follow rest is mounted to the saddle, and moves together with the saddle for holding the workpiece.
  • The follow rest may prevent a workpiece from springing away from the point of the cutting tool.

Face Plate (opt.)

  • In case an irregularly shaped workpiece can not be clamped by a chuck, then the face plate should be applied for holding such workpiece.

Dual Chuck System (opt.)

  • Upon customer's request, an additional chuck can be mounted at the rear end of the spindle.
  • The dual chuck system is available only for a lathe with spindle bore diameter bigger than 105mm.
  • With the dual chuck system, a long workpiece can be clamped at two positions for increasing the stability of the workpiece.

Turret Type 5-Position Bed Stopper (opt.)

  • The turret type 5-position bed stopper is mounted on the bed ways.
  • Equipped with 5 adjustable reference screws for conveniently setting stop position.

Gap Bed (opt.)

  • The gap bed is a segment of bed, which can be removed for increasing swing capacity.

Taper Attachment (opt.)

  • The taper attachment is mounted at the back side of the bed, and can be adjusted along the bed to meet machining requirement.
  • It is suitable for taper-cutting.

Optional Equipments

3-Jaw Scroll Chuck (opt.)

  • The 3 jaws move in and out simultaneously for quickly clamping a workpiece.
  • Choice of various diameter of chucks depending on lathe model.

4-Jaw Independent Chuck (opt.)

  • The 4-jaw independent chuck is used for clamping workpieces with irregular shapes.
  • Each jaw is adjusted independently.
  • The 4-jaws are reversible for gripping the inside or outside of a workpiece.
  • Choice of various diameter of chucks depending on lathe model.

Micrometer Bed Stopper (opt.)

  • The micrometer bed stopper is mounted on the bed ways.
  • This stopper provides increased convenience in case workpiece machining requires correct shoulder length.

Chip and Coolant Shield (opt.)

  • The see-through chips and coolant shield is mounted at the front of the saddle. It is used to prevent chips and coolant from damage to the operator.

Chuck Guard (opt.)

  • The chuck guard is mounted over the chuck, providing safety protection for the operator during cutting.
  • In the case that chuck guard is opened, machine power shuts off automatically.

Quick Change Tool Post (opt.)

  • The quick change tool post is equipped with a clamping lever for fixing cutting-tool easily and faster.
  • It holds only one cutting tool.
  • The tool post and cutting tool can be changed simultaneously for saving time in tool setting.

Rotating Quill of Tailstock (opt.)

  • The rotating quill provides an increase in loading capacity.
  • Especially ideal for holding long workpiece.

Work Light (opt.)

Standard Accessories:

  • Center Sleeve 1 PC
  • Dead Centers 2 PCS
  • Main Drive Motor 1 SET
  • Coolant Equipment 1 SET
  • Tool Box & Tools 1 SET

Optional Accessories:

  • CE conformity
  • Magnetic brake for spindle motor
  • Inverter controlled
  • Steady rest
  • Follow rest
  • 3-jaws scroll chuck
  • 4-jaws independent chuck
  • Face plate
  • Dual chuck system (for bigger than 105mm spindle bore)
  • Rear chuck adaptor (for bigger than 105mm spindle bore)
  • Micrometer bed stopper
  • Turret type 5 position bed stopper
  • Quick change toolpost
  • Gap bed
  • Taper attachment
  • Rotating center
  • Chuck guard
  • Chip and coolant shield
  • Lead screw guard
  • Full length splash guard
  • Z-axis rapid travel
  • Digital readout system
  • Work light