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High Precision Vertical Machining Center

MAXIMART Constant Growth and Innovation

With the company’s policy of constant research and innovation, Maximart has dedicated itself to pursue a higher technological level. From the knee type milling machines at the beginning stage to current high precision machining centers, each machine from Maximart will fully present its extraordinary performance. Furthermore, each one will reflect Maximart’s insistence on pursuing technological innovation.

Rough Cut with Irresistible Force Finish Cut as Fine as Hairline

The RAPIDO high precision vertical machining center features greater range of application, that meets those who require heavy and fine machining in one machine. RAPIDO, combining two functions in one, will save investment costs significantly.

High-speed, High-performance Cartridge Spindle

Unique spindle design with 4 extra coolant flushing injectors around spindle nose, chips can be removed quickly also reduce heat built-up from cutting tool & workpiece at the same time.

Large size ceramic ball bearings, enhance rigidity of spindle structure.

High pressure air-curtain protection from spindle nose, to keep moisture away from getting into spindle bearings and extend spindle servicing lifetime.

Model Identification

  • 3 axis rapid 32 meters/min.
  • "THK" LM guideways "QZ" lube-free type 45mm width & over-sized guide-blocks.
  • "HIWIN" C3 (or better) grade high Dm-N value, pre-loaded and high precision ballscrews, 40mm/P12mm.
  • 3 axis rapid 48 meters/min.
  • "THK" LM guideways "QZ" lube-free type 45mm width & over-sized guide-blocks.
  • "HIWIN" internal cooled and nut cooled, high Dm-N ballscrews’ bearing housing & assembly same precision standard as machine spindle.

Fully Air-Conditioned Working Environment

Each MAXIMART machine is assembled in a full air-conditioning plant. This assures the machine accuracy is never affected by the environmental temperature variation. In addition, it provides a comfortable working environment to upgrade working efficiency.

All These Were Precisely Hand-scraped For Accuracy

The endface of spindle stock, screw support faces and block contact faces are fully scraped to increase machining accuracy and feeding smoothness.

Self-Confident Quality

The outstanding machine performance relies on precision parts. To ensure each parts achieves the highest accuracy and dependability, MAXIMART Q.C. department conducts 100% parts inspection. This combines with the use of a full series of sophisticated inspection instrument to ensure only best quality parts fitted on all machines.

Dependability Through Rigorous Inspection

Maximart quality control department is fully-equipped with a comprehensive range of world-famous inspection instrument. These sophisticated inspection instrument enable our Q.C. staffs to implement rigorous quality control from beginning to the end.

3-D measuring equipments assure all parts are within accuracy. Constant inspection throughout assemble / production floor. ATC, under maximum tool weight, for long-time operating test.
Each spindle motor is subject to dynamic balance calibration before it been assembled to machine with this process applied minimun spindle motor chattering and maximun machining accuracy can be achieved. 4-channel dynamic signal analyzer. To inspect & analyze spindle vibration and make sure spindle running at perfect conditions. Circularity tester: Germany MAHR

Advanced Inspection Instruments

  • Three dimensional coordinate measuring machine: Germany WENZEL
  • Circularity tester: Germany WAHR
  • Ball bar tester: England RENISHAW
  • Laser calibration system: HP, U.S.A & RENISHAW U.K.
  • 3D thermal displacement tester: LOIN, U.S.A.
  • Spindle dynamic signal analyzer: G-TECH
  • Dynamic balancing calibrator for spindle motor: G-TECH

Quality Assurance Department

3-D spherical thermal displacement checking