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Heavy Duty Precision Lathe

Inverter Controlled Lathe for Greater Performance

US PAT. No.: 5,862,705

  • 3 range of spindle gear change combined with inverter drive variable speed output.
  • Automatic speed change by inverter control.
  • Turning process control is more convenient than that of conventional lathe.
  • Spindle speeds is displayed on the RPM meter.
  • Stop braking is controlled by inverter for quick action.
  • Constant spindle speed combines with the use of cross-side lever for feeding, is similar to Constant Surface Speed (C.S.S.) function. This function provides cutting accuracy and speed for side facing on a round plate.
  • When performing step turning by using automatic cross feed, the automatic speed change combined with cross feed will increase efficiency greatly.

Strong boxway design between cross-slide and saddle, which creates border contact surface to offer heavier cutting capacity (good for larger pitch threading) and durable servicing life also holding machine accuracy for much longer time.

Heavily ribbed sturdy machine structure with extra wide bedways and rigid machine base, which offers fundamental strength and stability for larger swing lathe machine.

Ultimate Structure Assures the Highest Stability

Oversized Bed

  • The extra wide bed is a box type construction combined with large span between slide ways for increased rigidity while minimizing vibration and tool chattering when performing heavy cutting.
  • Bed slideways are hardened and precisely-ground for smooth movement of the carriage.

Massive Bed

  • The box type bed is heavily constructed in combination with extra wide bed ways, resulting in increased structural rigidity and machining stability.
  • Bed ways are hardened and precisely-ground for high wear-resistance.

Superbly Designed Structure

  • The bed and machine base are manufactured from high quality cast iron, tempered to relieve stress without deformation year after year.
  • The bed interior is scientifically rib-reinforced to dampen vibration and reduce deformation.