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Drilling Milling Center

The Ultimate in Machining Efficiency

A new generation of T series drilling milling center from Maximart

Designed with efficient machining in mind, the MAXIMART T series drilling milling center is compactly constructed to exhibit extra high speed and smooth drilling / tapping as well as milling operations. With MAXIMART drilling milling center, you can get higher machining efficiency and productivity.

Turret Type Magazine

  • The inverter controlled magazine features quick tool change and extremely smooth motion.
  • Tool loading capacity is 14 tools.
  • Bi-directional tool selection.
  • Tool change is accomplished in only 2.2 seconds (adjacent tool).

Telescopic Guards

Specially designed telescopic guard on Z axis features no noise in rapid traverse with minimum damage.

3 Axis Linearways with Self-Lube Guide Blocks

X, Y, Z axis mounted with precision lineaways for smooth & stable movement. Self-lube guide blocks not only extends servicing life of lineaways but also reduces lube oil consumption.

Magazine Protection

ATC magazine covered by sheetmetal guard from backside to keep tools and magazine clean.

Z-axls Slideway Protection

Z-axis Lineaway and ballscrew were fully protected by sheetmetal guard at both side of slideways.

3 Axis Full Digital AC Servo Package

3 axis fitted with precision ballscrews which directly coupled & driven by powerful AC servo drives & motors, offering fast & accurate positioning.