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CNC EDM Driller

Versatile CNC with Auto-Tool-Change, Greater Efficiency, Better Finishing, Lower Production Cost.

Advanced CNC Control Powerful Function! User-friendly Operation!

  • Industrial grade PC control combined with window CE operating system.
  • Conversational Interface: Self-developed software and conversational interface maximize operating convenience.
  • AC servo motor drive assures accurate positioning and stable performance.
  • Programs can be transmitted through Ethernet or USB port.
  • Intelligent Depth Offset: Operator simply input the desired machining depth, then the controller will perform operation automatically. It assures each hole will be drilled through.
  • By using the circular conversational window and multi-edge search function combined with handwheel controlled micrometric feed, the small hole positioning is quickly and accurately accomplished.
  • 8 Axis Positioning (Optional): Upon request, maximum 8 axis positioning are available.
  • 5000 Holes Machining: The controller features great programs storing capacity, permitting max.5000 holes of machining.
  • Machining conditions can be stored according to types of workpiece material.
  • A wide range of machining parameters let you easily set low consuming parameters for electrode.
  • Intelligent Auto Electrode Change: With the outstanding magazine management system and auxiliary guide, our ATC offers quick and stable electrode change.
  • High Pressure Pump: The specially designed high pressure pump provides quick water flush and backflow. The brass electrode pipe stops water instantly without dripping problem.
  • Hole machining capacity: 0.1~6.0mm.
  • Blind hole machining function.
  • Support DXF format convert in NC code.