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Box-Way Vertical Machining Center

Reviewed and Renewed Heavy-Duty Boxways VMC, The "ATLAS"

Based on the concept of constant R & D as well as innovation. From the outstanding high speed RAPIDO series to this renewed heavy-duty boxways ATLAS vertical machining center, each machine fully reflects its extraordinary performance and dedication to pursue technological innovation.

4 Box Ways on Rugged Bed, Solid Support!

  • Special machine structure design with extra large column and base.
  • Structural parts are analyzed by using Fimite Element Analysis. This combines with optimal rib reinforcement in structural parts for upgrading rigidity and stability.
  • Three axis are directly coupled and driven by great AC servo power which exhibits outstanding heavy cutting performance.
  • Box-shape slideways on three axis combined with extra-wide span between ways, makes the machine ideal for heavy cutting with maximum stability.

Direct Drive on Three Axis

3 axis class C3 precision ball screws are directly driven through servo motors for increasing acceleration. All axis are provided with rubber anti-bump devices providing protection for ball screws and bearings.

Counter-balance Guide

The counter-balancing system on Z-axis equipped with guide rail to prevent vibration during Z-axis traverses rapidly.

One-piece Fabricated Machine Bed

4 box ways on machine bed is a standard design. The box ways are hardened, precision ground and coated with TURCITE-B for longer service life.

Lubrication System

  • The lubrication system employs volumetric oil distributor.
  • Oil hose breakage detection.
  • Consume less lubrication for environment-friendly.