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5 Axis Machining Center

  • FANUC 3li-A5, 5-axis CNC/AC servo package.
  • Fully enclosed electric-cabinet fitted with air conditioner, is standard feature.
  • Bt#40 taper, direct-drive 15000rpm spindle with cooling system.
  • 3 Axis rapid traverse 48meters/min. with internally cooled ballscrews.
  • X/Y/Z travel 1100 x 610 x 610 mm.
  • High column construction for 4th+5th axis machining.
  • High precision 4th+5th CNC rotary table on worktable, is standard feature.
  • X/Y/Z axis and 4th+5th axis (RCN226) absolute type optical linear scales are standard feature.
  • 30 tools arm type ATC system with 1.5 seconds quick tool-change device.
  • Screw-drive type auto chip conveyor (2 sides).
  • Preparation for 22bars coolant-thru-spindle. (Optional)
  • CE/EMC conformity machine. (Optional)

Electric-Cabinet Air Conditioner is Standard Feature

Fully enclosed electric cabinet and control panel cabinet were cooled by air conditioner. CNC system and electrical components are protected for longer servicing lifetime.

Versatile 5-Axis VMC Upgrades Machining Flexibility and Efficiency.

A view of working capacity for V-11H/5u machine center.